As much as it is tempting to look at someone else’s work and say “EWWW, that sucks donkey balls”, I’ve always tried not to do it.

If you ask me, “So what do you think about this website that my designer did for me?”, you’ll get a very short answer, “It looks good”.

Why?  I think my uncle would say I don’t have the killer business spirit where I rail on my competitors and climb to the top.  No, it’s not that.

I just firmly believe that any design is the result of a relationship you have with your designer. It’s a one-on-one experience that involved tons of meetings with you, dozens of phone calls, socializing, etc resulting in a design that was interpretted by your designer to fit what you wanted.  I wasn’t there to hear what you decided in those meetings, I didn’t listen in to your phone call conversations, I’m not as familiar with your business yet… who am I to judge about that design?

I find it just as offensive when the tables are turned and I overhear that some other designer might have said something about one of my projects.

I decided long ago…what goes around comes around. SO, I decided not to go there. I just do the best job I can for you and mind my own business.