I’m not very good at touting myself sometimes. I suppose that’s why I ended up as a graphic designer rather than a salesman. There may be days I feel very good about a new project result, only to be knocked down a level once I see another designer’s great work.

As good as it is to be humble in my profession, I still have to convince YOU, my potential client, to come sit down for a chat with me. So don’t take my word for it, here are some real recommendations written for me from some of my clients and colleagues:

“I highly recommend Lowe Studio and Raphael Lowe for any graphic design work you may need. He did an excellent job on our logo design and business cards. I can’t think of a time that I have given someone my new business card and them not say something like “What a great card and logo”. Lowe Studio is a top of the line professional company!”Dennis Kennedy (BackOffice Solutions Hawaii)

“Raphael has natural visual flair which he implements consistently in every project he undertakes. He is a wonderful communicator of his concepts, and presents new and innovative suggestions. He works and thinks out of the box…perfect attributes for a graphic designer! Raphael is a pleasure to know and work with. Sarah Prebble Manoa Therapeutic Center” – Sarah Prebble (Manoa Therapeutic Center)

“Raphael is the best at what he does. From the moment I expressed a need for his services to the final consultation, he was professional, courteous, and sincere in attending to my needs. I am very happy with the results of his work, and would not hesitate to use him again.” – Noelle Condon (Consumer Service Analysis)

“Raphael and I have worked together on several large projects over the past 7 years. His customer service and satisfaction level is outstanding. Raphael’s extensive background allows him to not only create extremely effective graphics but also gives him the insight to develop a detailed marketing plan. Raphael is a dedicated, intelligent, and invaluable business partner.” – Kevin Andreshak (Odenex LLC)

“Raphael has a marketing background, which makes him a very valuable graphic designer. He knows that images sell and so his designs always support the marketing efforts. He is extremely creative and works well with minimal direction. I have always been 100% satisfied with the projects he has completed for me. Great work, reasonable cost.” – Danielle Lum (NK Design)

“Raphael has a keen, lifelong passion for good design. His work is clean, organized, and visually stunning. His work on the business systems for LavaNet showed great humor, personality and professionalism – all the things we strived for as a company. As lead copy writer I always appreciated how he could take our editorial voice and echo it so strongly in our graphics. Part of our work involved finding clients and designing web sites for them. He works well with various types of people, especially those who are very passionate about their buiness identity. Knowing when to compromise on ideas and when to stick to his guns in order to get the best foot forward for the client is one of Raph’s strong suits. I loved working with him everyday! If I had an agency now, I would definitely (try to) lure him out of sole proprietorship.” – Kit Grant (Director of Outreach, ACLU)

“Raph has a discerning taste which blends well with his sharp eye for detail and a desire to make things ‘just so’. I would heartily recommend him and his work to anyone I know!” – Chris Hutchison

(Source: LinkedIn)