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Yes, I’m still here. Just been too occupied with daily life to blog as much these days. With the child getting older, so do the commitments on getting him to all his extracurricular activities….bicycling, theatre, camping, writing & math tutors, art, etc etc.  I really don’t know how parents manage more than one child.

Work at the college has been exciting but also getting stressful. So we managed to push out that college app 2 years ago; which has turned into the highest rated college app in the Android store as far as we’ve seen. (In all fairness, college apps aren’t rated very often at all; so we can lay claim to that title for the time being) But that’s turned out to be better than we had expected. We had hoped for a 14% adoption rate (industry average) and ended up in the mid-20%.

So now, eyes have been on us a bit. That has greased the wheels apparently. Now what started as a harmless little project to improve our own community college online application has suddenly bloomed to the point we’re meeting with hoidy toidy system-level folks considering using our system for the WHOLE University system!

I mean, that’s cool right?  It is…but it’s also high pressure trying to get it right. And the meetings!!! Oh so so so so many meetings. So so so many presentations.

But if this pans out as planned, someday every single university student in Hawaii would be applying through our portal. That would be exciting.  Fingers crossed!