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Under the Dome Bookcover

Posted by on Nov 24, 2009 in Art, Design News | 0 comments

I don’t have as much time to read as I used to. Which MAY possibly be just another contributing factor to my design blocks in recent weeks. I’m thinking about this new book from Stephen King called “Under the Dome” which sounds like a good read. Interesting that Amazon had this little tidbit about the design of the bookcover:...

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Get on the Good Foot

Posted by on Nov 23, 2009 in My Business Adventures, Personal, Rants | 0 comments

If I can sum up this year…I’d say it’s been a huge life change. 10 months after Kingston arrived in my life it’s been amazingly rewarding and yet amazingly frustrating at the same time. The amazing parts are obvious. If you don’t have a child in your life yet (wait don’t rush into it!), it’s hard to explain, but...

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Caught in the Act

Posted by on Nov 22, 2009 in Personal, Photography | 0 comments

Kingston’s 10 months old now. He’s gotten to the point where he’d be considered actively mobile? I guess that’s the fancy way of saying he can get to where he wants to go whenever he wants to go. Case in point…here I’ve caught him in the act of touching my audio equipment. I think he has a little bit of an idea that he...

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New Lightroom

Posted by on Nov 20, 2009 in Design News, Photography | 0 comments

I just finished my last evening of a series of non-credit photography classes yesterday. Overall I found it to be fun. In the 2nd class I don’t think I learned quite as much as I’d like to simply because it was a critique class and as these typically go…critique is often not quite as direct and harsh as is helpful. You know, sometimes you...

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Posted by on Nov 19, 2009 in Marketing | 2 comments

A couple of my colleagues sent this link around lately. It’s a WIRED article that’s a couple years old already about Eye-Tracking Billboards. Try as I might I can’t find any more recent articles about this technology so I don’t know if it was an idea that just phased out of if there have been any test trials of this yet. But I found...

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