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So here we are a couple days past Apple’s current season of upgrade announcements for this year. And as it stands, I’m within the cycle of upgrading just about everything I have. I’m still using an iPhone 4S, 2011 MBP, iPad 2…so really if I wanted to I could justify to myself the need to upgrade each and every one of these devices this Season.

And then there’s this trashcan looking MacPro which is just too sexy

[youtube id=0ivoPIcBe4k]

I know I don’t have to spend anything. None of these physical devices directly contribute to the standards of life that are really important like health and family. Spending money on these things are luxuries of course.

But as a longtime software and hardware geek (I once bought OS Warp just because it looked neat, for instance), my urge to get new gadgets just because it’s NEW is a hard instinct to ignore. So here I am, surfing reviews and watching Apple videos trying to decide whether I’ll spend hundreds here or thousands there….either way Apple wins because they’re taking all my money.


Effin’ Apple.