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This past 4th of July we decided to take Kingston out for his first really good unobstructed look at the fireworks festivities at Ala Moana Beach park. My wife and I haven’t been to this event since the year we got married…exactly 2 days before our wedding day (makes it easy to remember). I recall it was a bitch to find parking, there was tons of people, the show started late, and it was hard to leave at the end. So we really didn’t foresee taking a screaming toddler to watch this anytime soon. This year my wife said we should try. “Ooooookaaaay”

Turns out everything was fine. Sure there was still a lot of people, but everything else was fine…tons of parking nearby and it started early this time around. Kingston seemed to love it despite a minor mishap earlier in the day where he practically ran into the shoreline with his only set of dry clothes. He spend the night watching the show with nothing but his pullups. That’s quite a way to celebrate the night isn’t it?

The above shot was one of the more unusual fireworks they had for the evening where these long strands of lights hung in the air for a good 20 seconds. I somehow managed to get these odd wispy trails of smoke in my image. I love it.