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So the little mini-me has been growing up fast. I can’t even begin to figure out how to document his progress here fast enough before some other major milestone is met. He started Summer school today for the first time outside of his normal pre-school and I think I freaked out worse than he did. Dad was getting stomach cramps this morning and had trouble sleeping….turns out he had little or no problems at all. He got of the car….walked off to class with his mom and told her to leave.  Hmmmph.

I guess he handles change better than his dad.

It never ceases to amaze me how these little human beings take on lives of their own so soon. You give them little nudges here and there and you see what happens.

I will offer you new and upcoming first-time parents some advice though…nothing, NOTHING, will make you feel older than having a child. Before this little guy came around I felt almost 15 years younger. I used to laugh at my other friends with kids when they used to tell me how old they felt. At the time, I didn’t see the problem. I looked young, I felt young, I had energy….

And then BAM, this little guy comes around, I’m dealing with medical emergencies, I’m perpetually sitting in traffic being chauffeur to the family, I’m wiping up fecal matter, cleaning up toys, cooling down temper flare ups, coaxing the guy to get up in the morning, pleading with him to go to bed at night…

Holey moley, I GET IT!  I know why my friends say they feel old now. Suddenly my body starts complaining about everything…arm cramps, pulled muscles, weird skin flare ups, words like “arthritis” and “diabetes” and all kinds of freaky scary words start entering your vocabulary that never entered your mind just a few short years ago. It’s like I’m preparing for the hospice already.

Now when I see a parent with a newborn, a couple of words immediately pop into my mind.  “GOOD LUCK!”