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Valentine's Day Flowers

Valentines day hasn’t always been a winner for me. When I was single I didn’t see the point. And now that I’m married, my attempts at finding perfect gifts for my wife hasn’t always been winners. This year I spend the last few weeks trying to be observant…a few weeks back she had been complaining about allergies from the lint coming out of our washed clothes. I thought, “oh maybe she’d love an air purifier?” It’s nothing suggestive like a vacuum cleaner or a new cooking pan (I’ve been told that’s not a good Valentines gift). And it improved her daily life. Perfect right?

I saw her shopping for purifiers last week and I casually mentioned I’d get it for her for Valentines. “Oh that’s not very romantic!” she says. I can’t win.

So I stuck to flowers. It seemed to go over well this year. What’s funny is she comments it’s the first time she’s ever received a flower bouquet. Apparently she doesn’t remember the other times I’ve bought flowers for her.  😛