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So word is getting around my friend’s circle lately that I’m really feeling a resurgence into building LEGO as my new hobby. I don’t really make it a secret, I’ve been posting pictures in all my social media accounts. So it’s gotten to the point I have friends and family sending me news of LEGO whenever they hear something. Which is fine by me.

But I’m afraid I can’t stop. While I don’t quite have a collection as big as others, just in the past couple years I’ve amassed all the major expert (read: expensive) sets that LEGO has put out. I just guiltily (is that a word?), plopped down a couple bills on the Simpson set that I know I don’t have the space in my condo to store.

I recently bought the CUUSOO Back to the Future set, and the Mars Rover — get this — because “I was bored” and it was “cheap”.  You see?  That’s the kicker…when I start thinking of small LEGO sets in terms of being “cheap” I know I have a problem because there’s no way “Cheap” and “LEGO” should be associated in the same sentence.

And then….  LEGO makes this announcement today:

[youtube id=_QT5zu1x65Q]