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I’m really tempted to get one of these DTWO longboards, if only for the fact that I think they’re gorgeous to look at. I seriously haven’t been on anything with skate wheels (do they even call them that anymore) in close to 3 decades but these really look good to me. Heck if I can’t skate them maybe they’ll look good on my wall somewhere?

These are a far cry from the homemade board my dad made for me back in the day. For all his best intentions, he crafted me a death board. The deck itself was fine…I think he shaped a piece of plywood, sanded it down, painted it with racing stripes. But then he put regular roller skate trucks & wheels on them. For the life of me I didn’t understand why the other neighborhood kids could glide their board safely and smoothly down the concrete path while I kept face-planting on the concrete every time the wheels bit into a small piece of gravel and made me come to an abrupt halt. I must have had bloody lips and concussions every weekend. Helmets and elbow pads? What’s THAT, this is the 80’s!?

Oh the fond memories.  I should get my dad to buy me one of these as penance. (via Bless This Stuff)