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It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything just randomly inspirational on my site. Not that I haven’t seen anything lately….my online behavior has changed in recent years where I just don’t use my blog as much. It’s a shame…I really had fun with this at one point. I’d like to get it going again.

Baby step: here’s a fantastic video I ran into today that demonstrates a working V8 engine built entirely out of paper. I can’t IMAGINE the steady handwork and patience that would go into doing something like this.

[youtube id=Pf3jnP6AbM0]

On that note, this only reminds me how I’ve entered an age now where I may need bifocals. I’m OLD!! Shit. I wouldn’t never be able to build something this small and detailed without some way to improve my vision now.

It happened all-of-a-sudden too….it’s not like a gradual shift in vision where you suddenly find you can’t read things clearly. Nope. One day you’re reading 11pt type and the next day you’re squinting like grandpa reading the Sunday comics.

I digress. Watch the engine. Be Happy.

(Aliaksei Zholner via Toyland)