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The bushes and trees around my campus office is turning out to be quite a bird magnet. Not only have the Mana-O-Ku returned to nest another little fluffy bundle these past couple months…I found it there’s a small flock of Rose-Ringed Parakeets have made a daily visit to the small palm trees right next to my window.

People have been so busy taking pictures of the little Tern baby, they haven’t bothered to just turn around and spot these other really colorful and gorgeous birds right behind their shoulder. I’ve been getting the question “Where did you see these?” ¬†Errr…look behind you?

Apparently the story around these non-native birds was that they were likely pets brought over during the 70’s and 80’s. Released into the wild, they’ve done fairly well here.


parakeet2 parakeet1 parakeet3 parakeet4