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We took the little one to his first visit to the Bishop Museum today. Well, at least his first visit since he’s old enough to really appreciate anything he saw there. We thought it was a good time since he’s shown some early interest in learning about the solar system and all the planets. The museum was supposed to have overhauled their planetarium last year.

I thought it was great…after what might have been more than a decade now since I’ve really explored the museum I thought some of the science exhibits were quite neat. Granted what appeared “new” to me was actually quite old now, some of the exhibits were showing some wear and tear. But overall I think Kingston loved the chance to poke and prod at things.

I didn’t bring my camera with me today, but with my little iPhone I thought I’d try to get some shots inspired by one of my favorite photographers. I didn’t quite achieve the same quality or effect, but at least I tried.


He loved the wave exhibit.

At the planetarium.

At the planetarium.