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The longer I’ve been in this business doing web-design, the less it seems like it’s about design and the more it’s a concern about it producing results and being effective. It’s a hard sell. Most clients who approach me for the first time have all their heart set on getting a visual revamp of their website…the idea that we may need to consider revamping content as well doesn’t even come to mind.

I’ve been spending months here at the college just doing nothing but building a site map and re-writing content. The current state of the site is a horrible mess. All this work and time before I’ve even devoted one minute thinking about font types and colors.

Anyway, this article, “You won’t finish this article” might give you an idea about the challenges every site owner takes in evolving a website. It supports my theory — it don’t matter if a website is the most gorgeous thing in the world if the content isn’t appealing or accessible. (via Slate)