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One of the perks about teaching a college course in new media is that you get to use the latest software. Well, there’s no choice really, you HAVE to learn the latest thing otherwise the students you have lose out on the experience.

About a couple months back the latest Adobe Creative Suite software came out for CS5. As is typical of every upgrade season, it sets you back a few hundred bucks if you’re upgrading, or nearly a couple grand if you’re purchasing it all for the first time. And as usual, designers like me have to weigh the options of investing in the upgrade…are the changes worth the price of upgrade?  I know very well-established design colleagues who are still using CS2.

It’s still a crazy thing to keep up with….this year it might be all this software, next year it’ll be time to upgrade all the hardware. Kids…you want to do this type of business all legit?  This is where you’ll be sinking all your money.

ANYWAY, I guess since the new Fall semester starts next week, I better sit my arse down these next few days and familiarize myself with the new GUI and features. Nothing more embarrassing than sitting down in front of a class and not being able to find that one feature that’s been moved to another menu.

There’s a good set of tutorials over at Layers Magazine to check out all the programs and the new features they have. I guess the rest of my day will be staring at tutorials…