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A friend of mine and infrequent commentator to my site here, Philip Hutchison, wrote a “letter to apple and adobe” recently that I thought was well written:

I’m a long-time customer and have spent more money on your products than I have on just about any other aspect of my life. I’ve spent more money on your products than I’ve spent on my healthcare, vacations, kitchen appliances, children’s school supplies, or home entertainment system.

In return, you’ve increasingly shown a disregard for my needs and concerns, and have acted in ways that demonstrate all you want from me is my money. (read more here…)

Let him know what you think.  Personally I can’t argue with much of that. My livelihood depends a lot on Adobe products and now with the iPhone and MacBook Pro, it seems I’m tied down with Apple as well. It doesn’t bode well when you hear these companies no longer play together that well….

UPDATE: Steve Jobs wrote about this issue recently. Sounds very reasonable to me.