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My child’s young interest in astronomy has kind of awakened my long-forgotten interest in all things science related. I’ve gotten on this Neil DeGrasse Tyson kick lately bordering on obsession. I agree it’s been an observable change in our society just in my small lifetime how degraded our interest in Science has become. I’m thankful there are people like Dr Tyson and others who are pushing this passion in our young people (and me!) for all things science, physics and space related.

I ran across Gizmodo’s post about the Grand Palais this morning which has a cool video tour of this place designed to house the 1890 World’s Fair. Apparently this video was taken by drone giving us a view of this place which probably hasn’t been seen since the original construction crew. Neat huh?

What ever happened to giant world science fairs?  I remember reading about then when I was a little kid and wanting to visit one…and then never ever running across hearing about it again?

Anyway, this video represents a combination of 3 of my interests….art, cool tech drone toys, and travel. Check it out! (via Gizmodo)