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Yeah I haven’t posted a lot lately. It’s been one of those issues where I’ve felt like I can’t post anything unless I have something important to contribute?  Is that fair to say these days?

Not like my past posts have been all that insightful. I’m the first to admit I’m a lousy writer and I can’t stick to a point. In almost 8 or 9 years of posting to all my blogs and media sources, I’d maybe count only a handful of writings I’m proud of. But…these days there’s so many more ways to communicate and share ideas with friends, my use of a blog format to share my thoughts is spread across so many other sources. In some ways I’m OK with that. It’s made me a better consultant when I meet with my clients and tell them what works for me and what doesn’t.

Hey I noticed my last post I demonstrated my LEGO project in-progress but failed to show the end result?

This was an incredibly fun project, I’m considering making this a regular thing each year where I’ll splurge on an expensive set and just spend a few days working on something like this. Now my problem is figuring how how I might display this in my house without letting my toddler reach out and eat little pieces off of it, or having it turn yellow with the UV light.

Speaking of toddler (yes, I DID say I can’t stick to a point yes?). Kingston’s getting older and more challenging to manage.

Every day I question myself if I’m doing the right thing for him as a father. Do I challenge him with enough activities? Should I force him to do certain things or let him learn at his own pace? Is there some point where gaming is TOO much despite the fact I’m equally fascinated by it? The list goes on and on…  I would say this is my biggest project to date.

Well, back to work…