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I found these little paper & wood craft sets over at a local store this past weekend. The sets were from Japan. There’s a website for all the sets. I took a chance…spending $22 for essentially what amounts to just paper & wood wasn’t something I can do all the time. But I figure after my last project with LEGO I wanted something to follow up with the fun I had on that last one.

They come in these flat sheet sets. Not all of them equal size. I got one of the more expensive ones only because it looked cool with a lot of individual pieces.

I got my glue and x-acto ready. The store had a display that said each set would take about 30 – 40 minutes so I figured it would be a great lunch-time project diversion. I skipped lunch altogether and set down to finishing this within an hour.

As it turned out, I was really impressed with the quality of the materials. The paper was vibrantly printed on heavy duty card stock and obviously printed on off-set press. The die-cutting on both the wood and paper was SUPER precise…I don’t think I’ve ever seen cuts so perfect in the work I’ve paid for locally. It was obvious someone took the care to make it all perfect. The folding perforations also made the folding easy and precise. I guess this is where they justified the $22?

The plane section was put together quickly. As it turned out I discovered no glue was necessary despite the fact I saw glue applied in the store display model. I guess you could apply glue if you wanted to but I liked the look of the lose paper folds so I just left it unglued.

The figure took a little longer. He actually displays separately if you like…it comes with a stand to keep him standing upright.

Altogether I enjoyed this tiny project. Actual time elapsed was about 55 mins but I took my time. I may end up just getting 1 more of these just because I liked one of the smaller robot figures I saw at the store. Now how many lunches must I skip to afford it?