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Still here?

Posted on Feb 7 by

What?  Still here?   Yes, it seems I all but abandoned my site and design life. Which isn’t entirely the case, just that a lot has changed in life; blogging isn’t as...


So much going on

Posted on Feb 14 by

Yes, I’m still here. Just been too occupied with daily life to blog as much these days. With the child getting older, so do the commitments on getting him to all his...


Chomper Costume

Posted on May 9 by

My child’s been involved in a couple of youth theatre experiences lately. It’s something he seems to show a liking to and we’re seeing how far it’ll go....



Posted on Feb 9 by

Heads-up I’m going to alter this site at some point in the near future. There are some technical issues about this one that’s been causing me some headache and I...



Posted on Nov 29 by

It’s been hard to post anything lately. You know how mom & dad always used to teach us, “if you have nothing good to say….don’t say anything”?...


Field trip to ‘Iolani Palace

Posted on Aug 8 by

When offered to go on a genuine work-related field trip to ‘Iolani Palace, I jumped at the opportunity. Here was my first real field trip (lunch included) opportunity since my...