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My random collection of thoughts that amuses me...


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He’s a ham

Posted on Apr 1 by

I’m not sure if he’s actually our child. Mom & dad are more on the serious side….but this child absolutely thrives on attention. It doesn’t even...


Visiting Werribee Zoo

Posted on Mar 27 by

We just got back from Melbourne, Australia. Expect to see more photos in the coming days. I think I took 32GB worth of photos…I don’t think I ever took that much...


Rose-Ringed Parakeets

Posted on Mar 14 by

The bushes and trees around my campus office is turning out to be quite a bird magnet. Not only have the Mana-O-Ku returned to nest another little fluffy bundle these past couple...


Random thoughts

Posted on Mar 4 by

I spend so much time thinking I need the perfect subject to post about I never get around the posting anymore. Yes, I’m still around. So…today, I say “fuck...


Amazing Korean artists

Posted on Feb 1 by

In on of my early bands we recruited a young singer off of a music ad. He was super young…I think at the time he wasn’t even old enough to play in some of the clubs...


Paper Engine

Posted on Dec 7 by

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything just randomly inspirational on my site. Not that I haven’t seen anything lately….my online behavior has...