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Reunion jitters.

Posted on Jul 21 by

My highschool graduating class had our 1st reunion ever this past weekend. It was our 25th anniversary since graduating. Shut up, I know that’s fucking old. I’m not...


Good reason to get old

Posted on Jun 23 by

I might bitch a lot about getting old lately. Watching a kid grow up before your eyes and an ever increasingly sore body will do that to you. But I WILL tell you one area where...


Growing up fast

Posted on Jun 16 by

So the little mini-me has been growing up fast. I can’t even begin to figure out how to document his progress here fast enough before some other major milestone is met. He...


Hitting balloons

Posted on Apr 21 by

Having only been a parent for a few short years now, I’m just constantly aware of how amazing this process is. Here we have a little human being that started out being this...


It’s been crazy…

Posted on Apr 2 by

So my “big project” came and past. I guess it’s about as successful as I could hope for. Overall I’ve been getting kudos all around the...


Huge Origami Elephant

Posted on Mar 11 by

The art of Origami always fascinated me but I was never really good. Too this day I can’t figure out out how to blow the crane origami the right way so it puffs up nicely....