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My random collection of thoughts that amuses me...


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Last trip for a while

Posted on Jun 14 by

Well, that’s officially IT for a while. No more trips for the family for the rest of the year. Two trips overseas within 3 months was somewhat of a stretch on our annual...


Practicing photography

Posted on Apr 8 by

This last trip to Melbourne represented the first time in a while where I came back pretty happy with most of the photos I took over there. Taking 20+ pounds of camera gear on a...


World traveling shoes

Posted on Apr 4 by

I threw on my blue shoes this morning and started waxing nostalgic. I’ve realized lately these old shoes have traveled quite far with me. Back home they’ve been one...


Melbourne graffiti

Posted on Apr 1 by

I’ve always loved graffiti. I’ve been meaning to return to our local downtown district to continue taking more shots…they have some awesome new street artwork...


He’s a ham

Posted on Apr 1 by

I’m not sure if he’s actually our child. Mom & dad are more on the serious side….but this child absolutely thrives on attention. It doesn’t even...


Visiting Werribee Zoo

Posted on Mar 27 by

We just got back from Melbourne, Australia. Expect to see more photos in the coming days. I think I took 32GB worth of photos…I don’t think I ever took that much...