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My random collection of thoughts that amuses me...


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Hitting balloons

Posted on Apr 21 by

Having only been a parent for a few short years now, I’m just constantly aware of how amazing this process is. Here we have a little human being that started out being this...


It’s been crazy…

Posted on Apr 2 by

So my “big project” came and past. I guess it’s about as successful as I could hope for. Overall I’ve been getting kudos all around the...


Huge Origami Elephant

Posted on Mar 11 by

The art of Origami always fascinated me but I was never really good. Too this day I can’t figure out out how to blow the crane origami the right way so it puffs up nicely....


Biggest project of my life

Posted on Mar 11 by

In a couple weeks I should be able to debut this College website I’ve spent maybe the past year and a half working on. It’ll be little nuts, not because some 100k...


Dear Son…

Posted on Jan 31 by

Dear Kingston, Your mom and I took you to your first Kindergarten interview this last weekend. It was weird and I was somewhat reluctant to do it. I think to myself, “What...


LEGO anonymous

Posted on Jan 30 by

So word is getting around my friend’s circle lately that I’m really feeling a resurgence into building LEGO as my new hobby. I don’t really make it a secret,...